Our Story

Ranch Road Nation - My name is Greg Brown.  I was born and raised in God’s country, Austin, Texas, growing up in the 90’s.  We lived in the outdoors, from fishing the Texas coast, hunting in SW Louisiana, floating the Guadalupe, and going to every “Texas Country” concert we could get to.  We loved all the adventures and time spent with friends and family, wishing they would never end.

After a fun-loving collegiate career at Texas State, I found myself working for my Dad’s business in the plastics manufacturing world.  We were laser focused and really good at what we did.  It was during this timeframe that I learned a lot about the product development process specifically with premium consumer products in the plastics space.  One of my favorite relationships was with the team at YETI Coolers who we began working with in 2014 when they really began to scale up.  This experience allowed us to focus on premium product offerings using multiple manufacturing processes with an uncompromised eye on quality.  We ended up successfully exiting that business together in 2017 and focused on new ventures, one of which being RANCH ROAD ™

The RANCH ROAD ™ Cargo System was born after a trip to our ranch up in Lampasas, which takes about an hour to get to.  We are almost always carrying some sort of gear in the back of the truck depending on what we were doing – gas cans, coolers, hunting buckets, tools, chainsaws, deer corn, etc.  Upon arrival, much of our gear had slid, banged and crashed during the drive and was spread all over the bed of my truck and the gas cans had even fallen over and leaked in the bed.  I thought I had everything packed and organized ok for the trip but apparently not.  This has actually been an issue my whole life driving trucks and anyone who does drive a truck can probably agree they’ve dealt with the same thing in some capacity over time.  So, after wasting time picking everything up and cleaning up, I thought there should be a better way to travel with gear in your truck and not arrive with a disaster in your bed.  It’s the last thing you want to deal with when you get to your destination for the weekend adventure.  After searching online, I found a few things but nothing that really worked for me – some products were too limiting in size, permanent and expensive while others were flimsy and extremely low quality.  So it was then that I decided to develop our own solution and put pencil to paper.  Fast forward a couple years and here we go – RANCH ROAD ™ Cargo Systems are your solution.  Designed for recreational enthusiasts by recreational enthusiasts who just happen to be experts in the plastics manufacturing world.  A perfect combination for a bad ass solution when it comes to truck bed organization.  We hope you enjoy your Ranch Road Cargo System….#makeyourbed